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Interfaces of applications and websites


The appearance does matter

Pixel perfect, clear layout with high quality graphics and user centered functionality. Focused on usability, light and attractive.

This is what your websites interface is going to be:
  • Modern and light
  • Attracting attention
  • Build with usability in mind
  • Responsive - adjusting to screen size
  • Consistent with the corporate identity

Backend, things invisible to the users naked eye

The heart of your app

Fast, based on the newest libraries, heavy duty engine. We are coding with future development and easy application maintenance in mind. We prefer simple and elegant solutions, even for the most complicated problems.

Software created by us will be:
  • Fast and flexible
  • Ready for further development
  • Easy to maintain and manage
  • Tested
  • Documented

Responsive interfaces

Responsive - what does it mean?

RWD - Responsive Web Design is a set of techniques of building an interface, that will adjust to screen size of the device on which it is displayed.

Responsive wed design

A perfect combination

Your website or an internet application in combination with a responsive interface will result in tons of traffic from all over the world, from every device.

Analysis, support and maintenance


Programming is only a part of the whole process

There's much more in the project process than the analysis, creating graphics and implementing. After running a smooth deployment, we will help you with or fully take over the maintenance and content management.

The app is deployed, what's next?
  • User trainings
  • Effectiveness analysis and optimization
  • Content management and updates
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Preparing for the polish law ADO/ABI function
  • Personal Data Processing documentation

What can we do for you

We aim for maximum flexibility. Our goal is to create exactly what you need, yet something you will really love.


Modern websites meeting the newest standards. Speed, usability and security - our main guidelines.

  • effective websites
  • CMS systems
  • integration with external apps
  • analysis and optimization

Internet applications

Professional, dedicated applications adjusted to your needs. Lightweight, fast and flexible managing systems - that's only to start with.

  • dedicated solutions
  • company management systems
  • CRM systems
  • knowledge bases


Complete e-commerce solutions, based on SaaS web shops or dedicated platforms, depending on project scale.

  • SaaS online shops
  • Open Source platforms
  • help in starting your sales
  • technical support

Personal data security

Consulting and help in adjusting company to the polish law personal data processing requirements.

  • accordance with polish law
  • security management
  • preparing documentation
  • staff training

Graphics and photos

Consistent, modern identity for your company - both in internet and on paper. High quality product and event photos.

  • logotypes
  • corporate identity
  • graphic layouts
  • branding materials

Looking for more?

That's only a part of our capabilities. If you haven' found what you're looking for please contacs us!

Together we will work a solution best for you.

A few questions

Feel free to ask about anything. We will do our best to help.

Ask a question
What technologies do we use?

We could mention many tools that we use, but lets focus only on a few. We use mainly Laravel to handle backend and Bootstrap for frontend. We build structure in Html5 and for analysis we use Google tools. There's a large community behind those technologies, so for sure they will be used for a long time.

Laravel Bootstrap HTML5 Google Analytics
All you've got is an idea?

If you don't know yet what you really need, but you've got an idea, we will help you to clarify it, build a concept, choose the right tools and to turn it into a project.

You're interested only in a simple website?

A huge portal is not what you are looking for? Perfectly fine! We'll create a simple, usable and stunnig website for you. A project not necessarily must be big to attract attention. Let's build something small but beautifull.

You've already got a website, but want to change it?

Your website needs some fresh air? No problem. We can update it, modify its functionality or build a new one from scratch. If needed, we will prepare a whole company rebranding materials as well.

Your users use smartphones and tablets?

Yes. Who isn't, right? We create responsive interfaces, so your target users will have access to your website from any device.

How we work

Project can be divided into 4 steps, begining with project defining to support.

Each step is accomplished in cooperation with you. Continuous verification of project and its' goals allows us to change the app behavior at need, so that the finished product is adjusted to actual user needs.

We are trying to be as flexible as we can in every aspect. We are meeting newest standards and following good practices in creating software, but still we are willing to bend the rules and adjust to you, if it's going to benefit you.



  • Defining project
  • Planning tasks
  • Prototyping
  • Creating graphics
  • Continuously consulting
  • ...


  • Programming
  • Optimizing
  • Integrating
  • Repeating iteratively
  • Testing
  • ...


  • Launching app
  • Controlling start
  • Taking care of SEO
  • User training
  • Verifying goals
  • ...


  • Perfecting product
  • Analyzing efficiency
  • Administrating
  • Content support
  • Planning development
  • ...

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